The FAEDPYME foundation, publishing entity of FIR journal and the Spanish Accounting and Business Administration Association (AECA), publishing entity of the International Journal of the Small and Medium Enterprise (RIPYME) (ISSN 1989-1725) have agreed to merge both journals creating Small Business International Review (ISSN 2531-0046).

From this moment the FIR journal will no longer publish new issues. Just as its predecessor was doing the new journal Small Business International Review provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. You will not be charged any fee, for submission or/and for publishing articles. The journal offers a permanent open call for papers. The articles can be sent using the platform of the journal or can be sent by attaching the document to the address sbir@upct.es indicating in the subject: '[SBIR] Article sent'. To submit your manuscript through the platform click here.


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The opinions and facts stated in each article are the exclusive responsibility of the authors. The "Fundación para el análisis estratégico y desarrollo de la Pyme, FAEDPYME" is not responsible in any case of the credibility and authenticity of the work.

Vol 5, No 9 (2016)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Public Procurement the Graphic Production Services offered by SMEs of in Quito
Jaime Luis Cadena Echeverria, Marco Vinicio Orellana 1-14
The innovation and the improvement of business performance in the provinces of the Republic of Cuba
Francisco Manuel Somohano Rodríguez, José Manuel López Fernández, Francisco Javier Martínez García 15-24
Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Bussiness Performance: The Software Firms of Yucatan, México Case
Anel Flores Novelo, Fernando Ojeda-Villagómez, Hyun Sook Lee Kim, Eduardo Ramírez Cedillo 25-34
The Influence of Business Culture on the Performance in Mexican SMEs
Gonzalo Maldonado Guzman, Sandra Yesenia Pinzón Castro, José Trinidad Marín Aguilar 35-45

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