SME´s semi-formality rate in Costa Rica: a clusters approach

Lizette Brenes Bonilla, Ligia Bermúdez Mesén, Katherine Bermúdez Vargas


The MSME Observatory has been studying MSMEs in Costa Rica. Its findings show that for every formal enterprise, there are 2.4 semi-formal ones. The latter refers to those enterprises that have already started the formalization process with the corresponding municipality but that still do not have all the formalization requirements.
Owing to the importance of the semi-formal sector in the economic activity of Costa Rica, this study analyzed this business park and the role of municipal management concerning MSMEs, calculated the correlation among semi-formality, competitiveness, and development, and finally, proposed a cluster design to deal with the state of affairs. It should be noted that this type of analysis has never been undertaken in the country.


semi-formal enterprises; formal enterprises; municipal operating licenses; clusters


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